Financing Growth

Mortgages, Secured and Directors Loans

As director and shareholder of an SME or owner managed business you can provide additional financial support to it personally by way of Directors Loan raised against the security of personal assets usually your home. At Harrisons, we can advise you of methods to securitise your loan thereby protecting your investment as far as possible.

Invoice Finance

This is a common means of financing growth as the facility increases directly with the increase in turnover. Funding can be provided against the security of invoices raised to customers usually between 75% and 90% of invoice value . For more information click on Invoice Finance.

Enterprise Finance Guarantee

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) is a loan guarantee scheme intended to facilitate additional bank lending to viable SMEs lacking adequate security for a normal commercial loan. EFG provides a Government backed guarantee for 75% of  loan value to viable businesses with a turnoverof up to £41m and which are seeking loans of between £1000 and £1m. The borrower pays a 2% annual premium. For more information click on Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme.

Venture Capital and Business Angels

A venture capital agreement is a means of financing the development and expansion of existing businesses or the purchase of companies. In return for the provision of funding, the venture capitalist takes a proportion of the share capital (equity) of the company.

Business angels are wealthy entrepreneurs who provide capital in return for being part of a growing successful business. As with venture capital, in return for their investment, the business angel acquires an agreed percentage of the share capital (equity) of the company. As most business angels are entrepreneurs drawn from the corporate market you can often benefit also from their experience and ideas as well as funding.

Stock Finance

In certain circumstances  additional capital can be raised against the security of stock. For further information click on Stock and Trade Finance.

Asset Finance

If the requirement is for additional capital equpment funding can be raised against the fixed assets. For more information click on Asset Finance.

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