At least 25% of all invoices are being paid late

More than a quarter of all invoices are being paid late, according to new official statistics, leaving small businesses struggling for cash on a regular basis.

The average reported time to pay was 38.97 days with just over half of all invoices being paid within 30 days. Approximately one third of invoices were paid between 31 and 60 days, with just over 15% of invoices being paid later than 60 days.

However it is notable that more than one quarter of all invoices were paid beyond the agreed terms. The issue here for SMEs is not necessarily the payment terms themselves, which can be factored into cashflow forecasts and financial planning, but rather the sheer uncertainty of when they can expect to receive over one quarter of their generated revenue. Most SMEs will have critical pinch points throughout the year when the cash must be in their bank accounts to cover important costs such as rent quarter payment, VAT, Corporation Tax as well as the monthly wage bill and day to day trading costs.

Cashflow finance such as an invoice finance facility would go a long way to negating problems experienced by businesses who are facing cashflow difficulties, enabling them to immediately draw down funds against invoices raised, so that payments can be made as and when they fall due – rather than having to regularly defer payment terms due to continual late paying customers.

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